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Japanese auto swells R&D to catch up technological innovation

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Tokopedia cooperates with Royal Express to strengthen shipping

Tinuku ~ Tokopedia strengthens shipments through Royal Express Indonesia (REX) cargo service. One of e-commerce company operating in Indonesia announces cooperation in terms of delivering goods with REX and launching the REX-10 service products to accommodate the delivery of large volume packages with a minimum of 10 kilograms. is one of the technology companies in Indonesia designed the business model of marketplace and online mall, while REX is a company engaged in the delivery service more than 10 years.

The cooperation resulted in the form of a new package delivery service is REX-10 for Tokopedia users. This service is intended to facilitate the delivery of large-volume products sold by online sellers.

"Supported by reliable human resources and an adequate fleet network, REX always strives to meet all customer needs as well as possible. Customer satisfaction is our priority," said Arnold Jaguar Limasnax, President Director of REX, in a statement.

Many added…

Hello Bill cloud-based cashier services for small entrepreneurs

Tinuku ~ HelloBill presents sophisticated cashier system management to very small entrepreneurs. Businesses with minimal budgets typically use traditional accounting systems, now a startup providing business management services enables street vendors to run businesses using cloud-based financial systems.

Hello Bill gives opportunity to very small entrepreneurs using sophisticated cashier system only by subscribing Rp100 thousand per month (US$7.52). Cheap software packages offer advanced framing systems and full cloud support using only mobile phones.

The system also facilitates the details of the money goes in the cashier, especially on the franchise business as a determinant of financial bookkeeping of a healthy business. Services enable businesses to monitor financial flows in detail and transparently.

"We provide solutions to franchisors and franchisees," said Ponky Sutanto, Chief Executive Office of Hello Bill, Sunday, May 21st, 2017. "Franchisors monitor their outl…

MIT team created bioLogic garment actively manage heat and sweat

Tinuku ~ Researchers designed clothes for the sport responsive to moisture. The bioLogic team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created an automated live-coated vacuum window for opening and closing in response to an athlete's sweat that allows the human skin to have maximum heat management.

A team of MIT researchers has designed athletic costumes equipped with open and closed vents in response to the heat and sweat of athletes. The textile features are coated with living microbial cells that shrink and thrive in response to moisture changes. The researchers report to Science Advances.

Garment dubbed bioLogic prints E. coli cell lines into latex sheets to create 'biofabrik'. The team adjusts the size of each flap and the rate of occurrence based on previously published maps in which the body generates heat and perspiration.

"We can combine cells with genetic tools to introduce other functions into living cells, we use fluorescence as an example and th… boosts non-hotel accommodation in Indonesia

Tinuku ~ targets accommodation upgrades of up to 22,000 units. Agoda is an online platform booking technology company in Asia Pacific having a current 19,500 accommodation portfolio and targeting new accommodation additions up to 22,000 units by 2017 with 80 percent non-hotel accommodation.

"We will continue to increase the number and distribution of accommodation throughout Indonesia. Special non hotel accommodation, consumer interest for non-hotel is seen increasing," said Gede Gunawan, Country Director

"But the market share is still more consumers who are interested in hotel accommodation. We also plan to launch Agoda Home as one of the special features of servicing consumer demand on non-hotel accommodation. The target is until the end of this year," Gunawan said.

Meanwhile, General Manager of AirAsiaGo Darren Goh explained that the tourist market to visit Indonesia is still dominated by Southeast Asian people that most tourists like shoppin…

Roborace autonomous car racing run DevBot test in Paris ePrix

Tinuku ~ Attempts to create racing performances without racers on the circuit slowly begin to be realized. A motorsport champion nicknamed Roborace using an autonomous car. The DevBot car began testing for the first time in Paris ePrix, though it only drove for testing and has not yet recorded a record of time.

The DevBot car drove slowly and only crossed one round at Roborace, but the emergence of the car was a big step for the first time considering the crew was still trying to find the best racing pattern for an autonomous car.

"There was a time when the car was walking too close to the safety limit and there were strict security standards, we changed it to make sure it was not too close," said Bryn Balcombe, Chief Technology Officer Roborace, told to

The car has the hardware to various tasks to read data and learn about the environment. The car is powered by a 300 kW electric motor promising a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

Autonomous car capab…

Peter Beck's Rocket Lab into New Zealand space business

Tinuku ~ Rocket Lab has been preparing into commercial rocket market to sending satellites into orbit. The company was founded by Peter Beck of New Zealand soon to enter the ranks of the space program elite who last week received official approval to conduct three tests of eletron rocket launch on the South Pacific country peninsula.

Rocket Lab hopes to fill the launch segment of small devices such as nano satellites into low Earth orbit. Satellites will be used for everything from agriculture, mapping, weather to internet service provision.

"Space is always fascination for me, not many people go out at night to see a beautiful stars," Beck said.

The first commercial launch is expected later this year and finally launches a rocket every week. The engineers built lightweight rockets for low cost services, this segment is different from Elon Musk's SpaceX who uses large rockets to carry heavy payloads.

If Rocket Lab succeeds it will change people's perception of New Zea…