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BIG announced Panda House design implementing Yin and Yang philosophy in circular shape at Copenhagen Zoo

Tinuku ~ Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) announced the Yin and Yang design for Panda House as an indoor-outdoor enclosure is circular and footpath follows the philosophy of Buddhist discs for the visitors. The building will be completed in 2018 at Copenhagen Zoo occupies an area of 2,450 square meters provide a variety of environments and separate rooms for male and female pandas.

BIG, a Danish architect firm, announced the Panda House design implements a symbol of Yin and Yang in a circular architecture and has two floors with accent corridor in 360 degrees. The ground floor provides access to the interior space to watch from the side and the top level a path to watch from above.

"Designing a home like to understand the essence, character and personality in the form of the building. In the case of two giant pandas, the unique nature of their solitary habitat requires two identical but separate, one for her and one for him," said Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG.

Mimics the layout of …
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WWF Indonesia launched Marine Buddies application for sharing information about oceans by dive lovers

Tinuku ~ World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia launched Marine Buddies application and the travelers as a user provide an assessment on the location of marine tourism in Indonesia as part of the vision and mission of WWF-Indonesia to affirm the importance of conservation and utilization of marine resources sustainably.

WWF-Indonesia has launched an application Marine Buddies for travelers to participate supporting role in the community and pressure groups supervisor of policies and inform the current condition of the oceans through the activity of "citizen journalism".

Users download an application from Marine Buddies via PlayStore on Android before snorkeling and diving activities. Users will be given four keys is a marine conservation area, news, assessment and reporting. Each option has different functions that include habitat explanation iconic, wide area and the type of area.

Marine Buddies is a community built and started from the virtual world in early 2008 and continue…

Cybreed designed eFishery for automatic fish feeding use data of species, biomass, behavior and internet connected

Tinuku ~ eFishery is a feeder fish automatically using algorithms and sensors connected to the internet to improve feed efficiency in business of freshwater fishery of all fish and shrimp. PT. Multidaya Technology Nusantara or Cybreed designing automation scheduled feeding, proper dosage and recording in real-time events in the ponds.

Cybreed have completed the final design and ready to market a feeding device the fish and shrimp automatically and measurable. Tool automatic feeding has been commonly used in fish farming and aquaculture, but eFishery first laid connectivity to Internet network, features a feeding program, glut detection sensors and fish behavior data.

"The hand-feeding method system immediately threw a bucket of feed into the pond. When the feed is submerged in water, nutrient loss is 98 percent within one hour. The fish eat, but nutrition is lost. eFishery proven to reduce the amount of feed needed to produce food conversion ratio of up to 24% in efficiency,"…

Analemma Tower by Clouds Architecture Office space-based skyscraper using Universal Orbital Support System

Tinuku ~ Clouds Architecture Office (Clouds AO) announced the design concept Analemma Tower as skyscraper radically reversing the traditional diagram-based of earth, but dependent on space-based. The tower was built using Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS) by placing a large asteroid into orbit above the earth where the high-strength cable down to the surface of the earth as a foundation super tall tower will be built.

Clouds Architecture Office based in New York has completed the world's architectural concept as a new tower typology float in air as sky tower could be built anywhere in the world and transported to the final location. Analemma is a radical proposal to utilize the orbital mechanics sidereal rotation period of the earth using 24 hours to adjust to a particular geographic feature.

"Manipulating asteroids is no longer relegated to science fiction. In 2015 the European Space Agency sparked a new round of investment in asteroid mining concerns by proving with it…

NASA inspired origami to build rover Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot Explorer (PUFFER) durable and folded

Tinuku ~ NASA team inspired by origami to design robotic rover Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot Explorer (PUFFER) ready to sent to surface of rough world and can adapt in any conditions. A two-wheeled rover can help the space program to reach out rough spots on the surface of Mars and other places in the hallways to take samples of molecules that can not be reached by conventional vehicles.

The PUFFER robot inspired by the art of origami paper as a circuit board to incorporate electronic components. Sunlight-powered vehicles, the size of a smartphone has two wheels and can be folded to save space and stacked for easy transport logistics before it spread to an area.

"The circuit board includes both the electronics and the body, which allows it to be a lot more compact. There are no mounting fasteners or other parts to deal with. Everything is integrated to begin with," said Christine Fuller of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena.

Compact configuration to move forward …

Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal realize SeaBubbles as water taxis in the urban water landscape

Tinuku ~ French sailor Alain Thebault and Swedish professional windsurfer Anders Bringdal has completed the design SeaBubbles as a taxi service on the water urban landscape. The plane was designed as a solution to traffic congestion and urban air pollution using solar energy and two foot hovering over the water without creating waves at maximum speed.

Agus Suwage presenting latest artworks in solo exhibition titled Room of Mine at Tyler Rollins Fine Art

Tinuku ~ Agus Suwage presenting the latest works of installation art form in a solo exhibition at the Tyler Rollins Fine Art gallery, New York, entitled "Room of Mine", February 6 until April 1, 2017. An installation art titled "The anatomy of desire" came very impressive using materials of papier-mache, gold leaf, graphite and found objects.