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WWF Indonesia launched Marine Buddies application for sharing information about oceans by dive lovers

Tinuku ~ World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia launched Marine Buddies application and the travelers as a user provide an assessment on the location of marine tourism in Indonesia as part of the vision and mission of WWF-Indonesia to affirm the importance of conservation and utilization of marine resources sustainably.

Tinuku WWF Indonesia launched Marine Buddies application for sharing information about oceans by dive lovers

WWF-Indonesia has launched an application Marine Buddies for travelers to participate supporting role in the community and pressure groups supervisor of policies and inform the current condition of the oceans through the activity of "citizen journalism".

Users download an application from Marine Buddies via PlayStore on Android before snorkeling and diving activities. Users will be given four keys is a marine conservation area, news, assessment and reporting. Each option has different functions that include habitat explanation iconic, wide area and the type of area.

Marine Buddies is a community built and started from the virtual world in early 2008 and continues to evolve towards activities that are active and real in society. Communities are very fluid and positive in preserving marine.

"We invite friends to know, visit, supervising marine tourism area and give an assessment for the region," said Dwi Aryo Tjiptohandono, Marine and Fisheries Campaign Coordinator of WWF Indonesia.

Buddies Marine app design allows the activity of discussion, exchanging photographs, exchanging travel stories, exchange information on a pleasant location for photography, as a watch dog for the policy holder and microblogging as a positive event for seeking and expanding the network in terms of environmental balance. WWF Indonesia launched Marine Buddies application for sharing information about oceans by dive lovers

Water fills 70 percent of earth surface area and oceans occupy 2/3 of the Indonesia territory ultimately to Marine Buddies important role as a community of lovers of marine issues, a marine hobbyist community and a community that understands the sea is part of life.

The traveler has valid information about places to visit, map of protected areas from 32 marine protected areas, given the value of whether to perform a synchronized diving activity with GPS, reported fish species and report any activity that could potentially damage the conservation area.
Tinuku receive content about project design, organize events and agenda by anyone. We welcome the content for publication. For further information please visit this page.


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