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J&T Alibaba a new entity collaborated by J&T Express and Alibaba

Tinuku ~ J&T Express and Alibaba are preparing J&T Alibaba's new platform. Large logistics companies and leading technology companies are collaborating strategically forming a new entity to build platforms for small entrepreneurs to market their products to the global market.

Tinuku J&T Alibaba a new entity collaborated by J&T Express and Alibaba

J&T Express and Alibaba form a strategic partnership with a new platform called J&T Alibaba present to bring small and medium entrepreneurs to market their products to markets across territories.

"This new entity offers platform expected to boost the economy of small entrepreneurs while promoting their products in global market," said Oliver Yang, Director of J&T Alibaba in Jakarta, Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

J&T Alibaba provides global access for small entrepreneurs to market products through The platform also provides consultation and education on e-Commerce strategies, exports, marketing and access to potential buyers around the world.

Agustina Putri Wijaya as Marketing Manager of J&T Alibaba said the presence of a new platform to solve the constraints that are often experienced by small entrepreneurs when wanting to do cross-teritotial trade.

At least two main concerns of small and medium entrepreneurs are the lack of knowledge to perform export procedures and how to promote products to the wider world.

"J&T Alibaba enables small entrepreneurs to find buyers from around the world by utilizing Alibaba's online platform that is already available in 190 countries and possibly getting more and more buyers," Wijaya said.

The new platform will provide International Free Member (IFM) and Global Gold Supplier (GGS) membership programs that have different facilities as per user requirements. One of the advantages of GGS service is the product appears as a priority over IFM when a buyer enters a keyword.
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