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VanMoof launches Electrified X bike in Tokyo

Tinuku ~ VanMoof launches the newest electric bike type Electrified X. The design is more compact with smaller wheels and new frames as a feature of Tokyo and other Japanese cities, but retains all the smart features of VanMoof such as location tracking and anti-theft tracking.

Tinuku VanMoof launches Electrified X bike in Tokyo

VanMoof launched ebike adapts to the street life style of Tokyo. The latest collection of simple Dutch roots blends in the Japanese landscape to form a smart electric bicycle. Next-generation smart bikes have to match big cities, traffic congestion, dodgy thieves and more.

"Everything here is more compact, smaller apartments, smaller cars, even smaller roads. We also need a more compact bike design in a city like Tokyo," said Ties Carlier, CEO and founder of VanMoof. VanMoof launches Electrified X bike in Tokyo

The 26-inch wheels, the battery has a range of up to 120 kilometers (75 miles) by single charge and top speed of 24 kph (15 mph). The 250-350 watt motor drives the front wheel and push button gives the user an explosion of extra speed.

The keyless dashboard automatically recognizes the owner. Smart technology with anti-theft is also integrated into the frame to track position anywhere in the city. High functionality and aesthetic X series with black and yellow in an elegant angle.
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