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Qualcomm tests wireless battery charging electric cars when running

Tinuku ~ Qualcomm conducts wireless battery charging experiments for electric cars. As time goes by, electric car technology is becoming more sophisticated and the latest news is charging power for electric cars made without using cable on the streets of Versailles, France, by Qualcomm.

Tinuku Qualcomm tests wireless battery charging electric cars when running

Qualcomm's leading chipset manufacturer said it has tested how electric cars can be powered wirelessly as cars move. This technology is believed to help accelerate the adoption of autonomous cars.

A test of the "Dynamic Charging" project takes place on the streets of Versailles, France, and involves two Renault Kangoo cars driving along the cushions embedded on the road.

The pads transfer the electrical charge to an electric car battery up to 20 KW at an average speed on the freeway. The process is done without stopping the car and the presence of humans.

Experts predict autonomous car resources in the future are electricity that requires a way to charge independently without human intervention. Wireless charging is an important area of research on this subject.

Automakers, suppliers, and startups have concentrated like xChargepoint, WiTricity and HEVO Power. Qualcomm has routinely supplied chipsets to Android and Apple mobile phone makers, also is working on being a chipset supplier in the fast growing automotive market.
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