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Daniel Tumiwa resigns CEO of OLX Indonesia

Tinuku ~ The shocking news comes from OLX Indonesia. The provider of digital classifieds announces Daniel Tumiwa's resignation as CEO position he has held since the beginning of 2015. In the interim, the position of CEO will be taken over by Robin Voogd who is currently the CEO of OLX Asia.

Tinuku Daniel Tumiwa resigns CEO of OLX Indonesia

Tumiwa on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, officially resigned as CEO of OLX Indonesia and OLX said Tumiwa in the future will serve as strategic advisor until indefinite deadline.

In a statement, Tumiwa expressed his gratitude to the OLX Indonesia team that has worked hard to make the company the largest online classifieds provider in Indonesia.

"OLX has become an integral part of the daily life of Indonesian people and provides an opportunity for everyone to make mutually beneficial deals. I am very proud to be part of this journey," said Tumiwa.

Tumiwa was CEO of OLX Indonesia after the company acquired the site of two competitors. OLX announced the acquisition of Berniaga in late 2014 and Toko Bagus in 2015. Tumiwa is an important figure that integrates the two companies.

OLX says user growth has been steadily increasing since Tumiwa took the lead. Once the OLX app on Android launches in early 2017, the company has a new record of 1.1 million daily active users on OLX apps on Android.

Tumiwa is well known in the e-commerce industry of Indonesia. Former Chairman of the Association of Ecommerce Indonesia (idEA) and once led the Multiply business, then take care of Garuda Indonesia's digital business division. Tumiwa is also actively involved in discussions and creating ecommerce e-commerce in Indonesia.
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