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Viettel Vietnam's biggest mobile operator one step ahead of world

Tinuku ~ Vietnam's biggest mobile operator gets closer to holding the world. Viettel, a telecommunications company and cellular provider headquartered in Hanoi, plans to expand its business to Indonesia which has the largest and most challenging market in the telecommunications sector.

Tinuku Viettel Vietnam's biggest mobile operator one step ahead of world

Annual meeting held by Viettel Global said investment to Indonesia will encourage Viettel busines continue to grow in the international market. Viettel is also rumored to be expanding into Nigeria to strengthen its foothold in the Africa continent.

Indonesia, China and India are the countries in the big cellular market, the biggest challenge and the strongest competition. Indonesia as of June 2016 has a population of 258 million people and mobile telecommunication is a culture as an archipelagic country.

Viettel is Vietnam's largest mobile telecommunications operator with 63 million subscribers, revenues of US$11 billion in 2015 or down 21 percent from a year earlier and net income $2 billion in 2015.

Currently, Viettel already has markets in Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, Cameroon, Mozambique, Burundi, Haiti, Peru and Tanzania. Operations in Myanmar are scheduled in the first quarter of 2018.

Viettel has also just rolled out its 4G LTE network on April 18, 2017 and claims to have covered 95 percent of Vietnam's population. The download speed of the Viettel network is claimed to reach 30-50 Mbps.
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