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Academy of Robotics tests Kar-Go for packet delivery

Tinuku ~ Guildford-based startup Academy of Robotics tests a self-driving robot on the UK road. Kar-go is a programmed pod automatically to deliver packets directly to the receiver's front door. Autonomous vehicles will drastically reduce the cost of shipping on the road by up to 90 percent.

Tinuku Academy of Robotics tests Kar-go for packet delivery

E-commerce giants and shipping companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, and UPS are expanding drones for door-to-door delivery of packages to reach remote places via flight. Now a startup builds a shipping pod to keep maximizing resources on land.

Kar-Go is a compact design for moving on highways and sidewalks in residential areas. The ground-based delivery system utilizes a combination of advanced robotics technology to process packages and autonomous car technology to process navigation.

The company is collaborating with Brighton-based automaker, Pilgrim, to create a fleet of vehicles in the near future. They modify the vehicle by adding a car sensor without a driver, AI software and package management system. Academy of Robotics tests self-driving pods for packet delivery

The company has received permission by the British government to test prototype vehicles on public roads and hopes to make its first commercial delivery through courier service later this year.

"So far, we have a prototype robot that can drive itself on unmarked highways and sidewalks between the two locations and we also work with Pilgrim to create legal versions," said William Sachiti, founder of The Academy of Robotics.

Vehicles have a compartment system to accommodate different customer-owned packages. The system automatically selects the customer's packet every time it arrives in front of the house. The package is then released through a gap in the rear of the vehicle.

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