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Grab Indonesia prepares GrabHeli service

Tinuku ~ Grab Indonesia explores air taxi business opportunities. One of the online taxi operators exploring new business opportunities for transportation services is GrabHeli as a helicopter air transport mode. The online transport platform giant is conducting studies to expand its business wing into the air.

Tinuku Grab Indonesia prepares GrabHeli service

Marketing Director Grab Indonesia Mediko Azwar said GrabHeli is specially designed to serve quality and classy transport at an affordable price.

Street congestion in Jakarta enables GrabHeli to be one of the breakthrough solutions to help solve local problems for specific targeted customers in the future.

"Our mission overcomes transportation issues, where there is a need for consumers to go 'from one point to another point efficiently'," Azwar said in Jakarta on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

"For the helicopter we talk about executive consumers, there is one need we see there," said Azwar. Grab Indonesia prepares GrabHeli service

Grab Indonesia did not say when it will be launched and how users can access this new service, but Azwar said it is currently reviewing the business implementation of investment costs, routes, tariffs, technical and booking mechanisms.

"We are still in the assessment, we are formulating routes, prices and etc. We are able to serve the needs of our customers, hopefully soon," said Azwar.
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