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Tinuku ~ launches Multi Auto Purchase feature. The fintech platform of peer to peer lending services under Lunaria Annua Technology presents new features to accommodate the needs of investors in developing investment portfolios. New features released also to accommodate the significant growth of more than 10,000 investors.

Tinuku KoinWorks P2P lending new features Multi Auto Purchase

"This Multi Auto Purchase feature makes it easy for KoinWorks investors to invest their money," COO KoinWorks, Bernard Arifin, said in a press release.

"We realize KoinWorks' trust is greatly improved, we currently have more than 10 thousand investors. Quality of Auto Purchase feature will continue to be developed, every investor will get equal opportunity to invest," said Arifin.

KoinWorks provides financial services to bring together borrowers and lenders where the entire registration, filing and activity process is fully online. Small and micro entrepreneurs apply for a capital loan of up to Rp500 million (US$37,000) with a tenor of 24 months.

Currently KoinWorks bridges over 300 borrowers who have passed the assessment stage with approximately 10,000 funded investors. Total funds already distributed amounted to Rp30 billion.

By 2016, KoinWorks has launched a similar feature called Auto Purchase and has been put to good use by the majority of investors, although many are investing who prefer to do it manually. The feature allows any loan in KoinWorks to be processed faster.

KoinWorks optimizes the Auto Purchase feature to save time and make it easier for investors to invest. It is these considerations that push Auto Purchase feature to be transformed into Multi Auto Purchase with a much more sophisticated system than its predecessor.
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