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SK Telecom tested new quantum repeater ~ SK Telecom Co Ltd successfully developed telecommunications remotely using quantum cryptography. Seoul-based telecomunication company made a breakthrough that brought South Korea into the third country in the world for telecommunication security technology applications in China and the United States list.

Tinuku SK Telecom tested new quantum repeater

The leading mobile operator in South Korea said it has developed a reliable repeater for crypto quantum telecommunications by sending 110 kilometers of round-trip data transmission cryptography in Gyeonggi Province.

The company said on Monday that the new device has increased the limits and the transmission distance will increase for thousands of kilometers by connecting it with a new repeater.

SK Telecom expects this technology to continue to develop leading technology as a bottom line in related markets that tend to be more sophisticated for industrial use and also for administrative and national defense purposes.

"SK Telecom has opened a new stage in quantum technology by developing a reliable repeater, allowing long distance quantum communications," said SK Telecom Senior Vice President Park Jin-hyo.

Quantum cryptographic telecommunication technology uses encryption keys and can not be duplicated when encoding telecom signals. Technology enables the security of telecommunication services in applications in the military, financial and medical services.

SK Telecom says the top of the market for quantum cryptography telecommunications services in South Korea in 2021 and a value of 1.4 trillion won by 2025 in which data traffic requires high security guarantees.

The company will be able to send an encryption key from Seoul to Busan over a distance of 300 kilometers using five interconnection repeaters. They will begin implementing new repeaters to commercial network equipment this year and gradually expand the application.

SK Telecom is also striving to provide technology globally under cooperation with an international network. In 2011 the company has established Quantum Technology Laboratory and has been pushing to develop related technology.
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