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Airbnb prepares luxury property rental services

Tinuku ~ Airbnb prepares to launch premium lodging services. Technology company headquartered in San Francisco is arranging the latest services for travelers at higher price using the equivalent luxury hotel properties. For Airbnb this service becomes the first-ever high-end property that will fit into the Airbnb category.

Tinuku Airbnb prepares luxury property rental services

Airbnb plans to launch new property rental service for luxury mansions and penthouses and the company will start testing new offerings in some markets by the end of this year. If the test succeeds, they will soon launch the service extensively. But so far Airbnb has not given an official comment.

The company was founded in 2008 has been doing segmentation of the offer as well as hotel business offerings. Properties must meet the hotel's equivalent requirements such as new and matching beds, disposable bathrobes, blankets, mineral water, tea, coffee and other standard hotel amenities.

Homeowners should maintain consistent quality standards such as welcoming when entering any hotel and the house should also be checked to ensure the expectation of well-established travelers looking for a home-like place compared to hotels.

The pilot project for this service is scheduled to take place this week, while the actual service is targeted to be launched by the end of 2017. Luxury property rentals are a lucrative source of revenue for Airbnb.

The company takes a percentage of the cost of each booking as a broker and a more expensive offer will provide a higher margin and increase the valuation of company for US$31 billion. Airbnb also wants to expand its travel business and is working on flight booking tools.


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