Property Interior Building (PING) Expo 2016, September 28

Tinuku ~ Jogja Expo Center hold Property Interior Building (PING) Expo 2016 on September 28 to October 2, 2016 in Hall C Jogja Expo Center.

Event property exhibition, interior and the largest building material in Yogyakarta and Central Java during the five-day exhibition displays and sales of property products, interiors, building material, product presentations, talk shows and entertainment.

PING Expo become for the introduction and sales of new products to consumers as well as to develop sales in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. As for consumers and visitors of the expo can be a means of education property products, interior and building of new material and can be a place to buy products.

Tinuku Property Interior Building (PING) Expo 2016, September 28

Exhibition purposes to build and strengthen brand image of the sponsor's products to customers and potential customers, closer links with customer products and potential consumers, educating customers and potential customers about the product sponsor and expanding product market links. Property Interior Building (PING) Expo 2016, September 28

Date : 28 September - 2 Oktober 2016.
Sector : Property, interiors, building material.
Venue : Jogja Expo Center, Yogyakarta.
Phone : +62 274 451 001
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