5th Surabaya Auto Expo 2016, 31 August

Tinuku ~ PT. Intramedia Promosindo present exhibition 5th Surabaya Auto Expo 2016 in the middle of this year after the previous event in early 2016 to present "Treasure" in the city of Surabaya which is a classic exotic cars.

Expo 2016 is expected to provide concept of a major exhibition Automotive in mid 2016 city of Surabaya followed brand renowned car and motorcycle. In fact will be supported entirely by the general importer of cars in the Supercar class and Sportcar in Indonesia.

Exhibition 5 days on 31 August to 4 September 2016 held at Grand City Convex Surabaya to break marketability of any type and brand automotive industry as well as a venue for a gathering place for families, hobbies and connoisseurs of automotive as well as make more exclusive each event.

Tinuku 5th Surabaya Auto Expo 2016, 31 August

In the automotive industry and its supporters ready to present to enliven the automotive major events in the mid-2016's. The exhibition supported by Management Grand City Surabaya, Jawa Pos and ASPERAPI.

Date : 31 August - 4 September 2016.
Sector : Automotive, car, motorcycle.
Venue : Grand City Convex, Surabaya.
Phone : +6281 703 104 300
Website : -