CRAFINA 2016, 26 - 30 October, Jakarta, Craft Trade Fair

Tinuku ~ Handicraft is one of the products creative industries become a lifestyle trend in developing countries. Batik, accessories, jewelry and other products indirectly into cultural products and daily needs of users.

CRAFINA 2015 again present of growth Indonesia's creative industries as promotion and marketing of creative products. With the theme "From Natural Resources to Creative Products for Lifestyle", the exhibition to give a new color and marketing of handicraft products exciting and innovative.

Diversity of cultures, races and ethnics as an archipelago country reflected in its variety of art and craft as an authentic Indonesian masterpiece. Combination of national art and craft, regardless values of local wisdom in it also one of the leading industrial sectors.

Tinuku CRAFINA 2016, 26 - 30 October, Jakarta, Craft Trade Fair

In order to appreciate products and promote high quality handicraft products, CRAFINA exhibition is back for the 9th time. CRAFINA is a craft exhibition initiated by the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) and Mediatama Binakreasi.

The exhibition will indulge all Indonesian handicraft industry stakeholders with the showcase of high quality handicraft products as the trendsetter of Indonesian craft. The INACRAFT series will displaying fashion products such as Batik, embroidery, songket, accessories, jewelry and other handicraft products.

Profile for exhibit include Antique Jewelry, Antique Furniture, Antique Clocks, Antiquities, Art Glass, Art Works, Decorative Art, Glass Ware, Hand woven Carpets & Rugs, Handicrafts, Modern Edition, Young Arts Fair, Avant Grade etc.

Date : 26 October - 30 October 2016.
Sector : Fashion, Furniture, Gifts & Handicrafts industries.
Venue : Hall A & B, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.
Email : [email protected] & [email protected]
Phone : +62 21 4896942
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