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Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

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Tinuku ~ Various types of batik spread across the archipelago. Batik is art of painting using cloth has a pattern and a special way of making the write or paste on the fabric. By treatment with certain distinctive ways.

Batik is pictorial cloth made specifically by writing or applying wax to cloth and since October 2, 2009 batik has been designated as one of Indonesia's cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Everyone knows batik designs have supernatural powers and each motif worn only by specific users. Parang motif which symbolizes strength and power, should only be worn by rulers and knights. Batik of this type must be made with calmness and patience.

Tinuku Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

If you do wrong in the batik process, the magical power is lost. The process of making batik is full of philosophical meaning, batik is a meaningful symbols that shows how society thinks maker.

Perhaps you just know only one kind of batik design. But geography and area of Indonesia storing various types of batik motifs depending on region territory. Fact, batik is so diverse. Here of some types of motifs from different regions.

1. Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta batik motif or known as the palace design is very exclusive. Common people are not allowed because only the sultan and his family who used. Designer's is aristocratic palace of Yogyakarta were members of Sultan's family.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

2. Magetan
Batik from Magetan district has basic motif of bamboo picture. As other, desing usually worn on formal occasions or ceremonies. The meaning and philosophy of the hope to get peace of mind.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

3. Banyumas
Design Banyumas more has the form of plants, flowers, leaves and the like. Although there are several designers with different motives, Banyumas batik design almost has in common with Jonasan.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

4. Madura
Madura has a unique tendency of simple pattern. But the pattern is formed as neat as possible to produce interesting motif. Design Madura tend to like bright colors.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

5. Malang
Famous for its bright colors green overwritten white or colored material with red and white override. Average batik Malang has a pattern of flowers and plants.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

6. Pekalongan
Pekalongan influenced Chinese culture. Designs consists of seven motifs: Jlamprang, Buketan, Terang Bulan, Semen, Pisan Bali, Lung-lungan and Sekar Jagad. Design is more like flowers, animals and leaves.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

7. Bali
Influenced by Javanese design like Pekalongan, Bali design brave enough bright colors and varied.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

8. Surakarta
The distinctive feature of Solo batik often called Sogan batik or batik motif has lightly browned.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

9. Tasikmalaya
Tasikmalaya motif similar to other cities in Indonesia. Tend many natural motifs and nuance Parahyangan such as birds and flowers. While coloring characterized by red, brown and black.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

10. Aceh
Shades tend to be larger than other batik patterns. Motif using printing techniques and write.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

11. Cirebon
Characteristic of city Cirebon batik patterns Mega Mendung with a pattern like agile created connect to form clouds.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

12. Jombang
Batik Jombang oriented Solo adapted to pattern Arimbi temple on natural color.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

13. Banten
Motifs include Datulaya, Mandalikan, Pasulaman and more. Banten batik has a festive color.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

14. Tulungagung
Batik area is very bold of color black and brown.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

15. Kediri
Batik Kediri very typical with small dots. Overall batik cloth Kediri be very elegant when you wear.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

16. Kudus
You have different perceptions when viewed Kudus batik. Design influenced design of Pekalongan, Yogyakarta and Solo. According to the story, first a lot of Chinese traders who brought batik from the area to Kudus.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

17. Jepara
The motive of this area is divided into two kinds of old and new motifs. Old motif pattern in black, brown elephant, green leaves and so on. While the new motif with many variations.

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

Above are just some of the existing Batik motif. You should know that there are 2500 Batik motif patented these days. What do you think about is how fashion is not an easy thing. That tradition is applied predecessors.


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