Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) 2017, September 16 to December 31

Tinuku ~ Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) in 2017 runs from 16 September to 31 December 2017 to implementation the second of the agenda every two years repeat successful first event in 2015.

Chicago Architecture Biennial is the first and largest international exhibition of contemporary architecture that ever took in the United States. CAB in 2015 involved 120 architecture and design office from over 30 countries with more than half million visitors from around the world.

Tinuku Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) 2017, September 16 to December 31

CAB 2017 affirmed the role of the Chicago cultural center located in downtown district by establishing two central topics of "the axis between history and modernity and the axis between architecture and art".

One of most dramatic in evolution of architecture over last century between history and modernity that is unprecedented and is not related to architecture of past reached new level in the beginning millennium in long history of architecture.

Commitment of new generation of architects encouraging progress but always in the architectural tradition by producing innovative and subversive works based on fundamentals discipline and rooted in the cities where it was built, without having compete with micro trends and accused of depriving culture.

CAB 2017 aims to address the issue through the lens of city. An abundance of rich tradition of architecture, Chicago be the ideal place where questions can be raised and analyze ideas towards creation of new history.

Event which encourages people to come, hundreds architects participated, millions of discussions, presentations and debates are great success Biennial. People involved bring up exchange of ideas and emergence new things. Biennial is ambitious and overall scientific.

Held in the historic Chicago Cultural Center to align the opening joint sixth event EXPO Chicago, Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, which will take place from September 13 to September 17 2017.

Event: Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) in 2017
Date: 16 September to December 31, 2017.
Sector: Architecture and design.
Venue: Chicago Cultural Center.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (312) 854-8200