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Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Tinuku ~ The architectural design of complex Australian Embassy in Jakarta offers a variety of expression which is used as a unified whole and integrated to represent the cultural diversity of Australia.

The complex comprises the main building, housing the head of division, 32 embassy staff accommodation units, as well as medical and recreational facilities. Firm Denton Corker Marshall design each component building has a different character to adjust the function.

Tinuku Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

The main building became the dominant building at same time most special places. Australia powerful image landforms such as Uluru and Kata Tjuta and the material combines many metals are zinc, copper, brass, steel, aluminum to reflect mineral mines in Australia.

The main form of building is not complicated, but it gives impression of a strong, very assertive and confident. Australia did not show frontally, but more subtly introduces unique character. Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Tinuku Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Housing chief of division located in a separate building has unique character that is different from the main building to evoke character much more personal and intimate. Two-story building consists of collection of blocks are connected to building's facade full of light but keep shady.

Shape building consists 12 volumes rectilinear interconnected creating solid mass to evoke landscape of Australia. Front page as the entrance canopy decorated with flowers vines give impression of formality but stay relaxed and welcoming guests with friendly.

Housing embassy staff with wide-open spaces. Inter rows buildings covered by recreational centre and lush foliage in addition to the housing head of division. Pblic rooms exclusively for residents of complex provides privacy and security.

"Complex includes two very important institutions, the Embassy to Indonesia and Australia Authorized Representative to ASEAN. Four chancery building in a land area of 50 thousand squared meters is the largest Australian embassy anywhere in the world," said Julie Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister. Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Interior complements the exterior give a feel of Australia while adjusting the setting places in Indonesia. Paint the walls white, pale floors and ceiling matching maximize quantity sunlight through a small window which is necessary for security reasons.

The room is bright and airy wood interspersed Australia provides the main focal point of this. Panel made oak Tasmania gives graphic picture of Bungle located in Purnululu National Park Australia became an icon that is easily recognizable.

Tinuku Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Building adopts many features environmentally sustainable design to mitigate negative impact on environment. The facade design focuses on creating large thermal mass provides heat insulation.

By utilizing thermal insulation of external loads on building are minimized. Methods window filter solar heat into the building and drain system air around window reduce impact heat and effect of external load. Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Tinuku Architectural design office building Australian embassy in Jakarta

Sunshade creates brush natural light throughout room and reduces need to use artificial lighting and use of energy saving lamps when additional lighting is required. Photovoltaics on roof to convert sunlight into electricity.

Green roof helps retain rainwater and improve plant life on top. Collecting rainwater from roof is used to flush toilets and replenish water to pond. Expansion of green open space done during construction including relocation of four big mature banyan tree.


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