Rural jazz festival Ngayogjazz 2016 scheduled 9 November in village Sidorejo, Yogyakarta

Tinuku ~ Ngayogjazz 2016 tabled on 19 November. The annual event rural jazz music festival Ngayogjazz this year held in Sidorejo village, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta province, Indonesia.

Ngayogjazz is annual jazz festival has been held since 2007. The musical event different from other jazz festivals is nomadic festival concept. Each year the venue occupies always move village to another in Yogyakarta.

Tinuku Rural jazz festival Ngayogjazz 2016 scheduled 9 November in village Sidorejo, Yogyakarta

For 2016 will held in Padukuhan Kwagon, Sidorejo village, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Festival set up venue in center township villagers. This festival has concept contains jazz music collaboration luxurious and peaceful rural atmosphere.

Visitors will feel unique sensations when listening to jazz music, watch and meet with jazz artists in the township village with views rice fields and gardens. This is the hallmark of Ngayogjazz. Festival was opened to public for free.

Collaboration is one things in Ngayogjazz performances each year. Organizers always invited as well as local community to be a part in setting up festival. Besides jazz, Ngayogjazz also organizes Jazz Markets where majority participants of local communities.

The distance between stage and audience close and open-plan became distinctive feature in Ngayogjazz. Warm interactions always happens between musicians with audience and every year Ngayogjazz growing. Unwittingly, jazz increasingly able to interact well with other arts and also wider society.

This year series artists performing is Nita Aartsen; Megan O’Donoghue with GEMATI; Trie Utami & Kua Etnika; ESQI:EF (Syaharani & Queenfireworks); Indro Harjodikoro and Friends; Yuri Jo Collective; Ina Ladies; Vickay with Roedyanto “Emerald BEX”; and AbsurdNation.

Three Song; Adie Unyil & The Bawor; Indra Aryadi ruang akustik feat. Krishna Balagita & Zoltan Renaldi; Ketzia & Yusri Dinuth; Dexter Band & Panjul; Ansambel Musik “Grha Kreatif”; Hariono’s Project; IDC Ethnic Music; Mlenuk Voice; and Musikanan.

Jalu; Huaton Dixie; Subkultur Artificial; Jazz mBen; Senen; Etawa Jazz Club; Gubuk Jazz Pekanbaru; Jes Udu Purwokerto; Pekalongan Jazz Society; Jazz Ngisor Ringin Semarang; Solo Jazz Society; Sepanjang Kali Malang (Bekasi); Jogja Blues Forum; and Komunitas Suling Bambu Nusantara.

Event: Ngayogjazz 2016
Date: 9 November.
Sector: Jazz music.
Venue: Padukuhan Kwagon, Sidorejo village, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta.