Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2016 takes place October 22-30 in Eindhoven

Tinuku ~ Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2016 presenting creative process includes exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, events and debates network. A 15th event takes place October 22 to 30 and opene in Eindhoven.

The annual celebration scheduled in October each year, Dutch Design Week 2016 took place in Eindhoven brings largest design event in Northern Europe to present works and ideas of more than 2500 designers to more than 275,000 international visitors.

More than hundred locations throughout the city and many facilities for voice poses creative and build relationships with many stackholder related bio design, digital, future concepts, health, living, material, social design and sustainable design.

Themes raised not only about the creative process, but Also presents ideas for social problems as well as the values for future and its impact in the world of creative community.

The public campaign to invite people to experience, admire and find the design as whole. DDW offers platform for designers from all over the world. Helping the talented designers to move forward through publications, network expansion and trade across sectors.

Tinuku Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2016 takes place October 22-30 in Eindhoven

Event: Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2016
Date: 22 Oktober - 30 Oktober 2016.
Sector: Design.
Venue: Eindhoven.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (0)40 2961150
Website: http://www.ddw.nl/