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Marc Newson redesigned Qantas brand logo kangaroo icon and wordmark for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Tinuku ~ Qantas kangaroo logo has been redesigned. Consultants designer Marc Newson and Houston Group redrawing Australia's national corporate logo design in new look for preparation of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Qantas has updated Kangaroo icon as part of preparations for Boeing 787 Dreamliner into the fleet based in Australia next year. Consultants designer Marc Newson embed a new design in partnership with Australian design firm Houston Group.

The latest renewal marks the fifth time change red-white images since it was first introduced in 1944. The latest designs official replacing the logo 2007 who first unveiled during the introduction of Airbus A380 fleet.

Tinuku Marc Newson redesigned Qantas brand logo kangaroo icon and wordmark for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

"An aircraft tail is fantastic canvas to work and Qantas logo is one of the most recognizable in the world. Redesign aims to maintain fundamental essence of kangaroo fly to keep moving forward," said Newson.

"New logo is more slender and shading behind kangaroos give better sense of movement. A band now extends from tail to the back of plane to give more premium feel," said Newson.

"Typography Qantas 787 almost two meters. And Qantas will appear in fuselage, so you can tell when the national carrier flying over," said Newson.

The new design will gradually emerge across Qantas network as digital assets, signage, advertising and inventory of other items. Branding on aircraft will be sorted to schedule repainted and finished when the hundredth anniversary in 2020.

New logo ensuring respect for the legacy of Qantas brand and will make subtle changes and significant not only kangaroos fly, but also typeface. Simple sleeveless silhouette on the surface of fin and wordmark introduced fuselage.

Fresh brand symbolizes new era Qantas entering new destinations, technologies and service standards. Qantas Group revealed new design in conjunction with the launch of the Business Suites and Economics at the B787 hangar in front of 1000 employees and guests in Sydney. Marc Newson redesigned Qantas brand logo kangaroo icon and wordmark for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

"Since the kangaroo image first appeared on Qantas aircraft more than 80 years ago to represent the spirit of Australia. When viewed tail Qantas, passengers at airports around the world, it is the home," said Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO.

"We want to ensure brand remains familiar, we also want more modern and dynamic as Qantas 787. When looking at history, we renew logo when an aircraft joined the fleet. It is tradition in 1947, B747-300 in 1984 and A380 in 2007," said Joyce.


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