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Tinuku's Top Art and Design 2016

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Tinuku ~ A variety of creative work in the field of art and design came very impressive throughout 2016. review monumental works in form of graphics, fashion, interior, architecture and technology of the high-profile designers and dedicated as cultural traditions have filled all the honored along this year.

Ethnographic style is a major concern and deserves our most honorable place in the list of "Tinuku's Top Art and Design 2016". It is natural that the designers have adopted the culture of literature, while still holding the construction techniques are sometimes very rigid.

Tinuku's Top Art and Design 2016

Ethnographic works requires two-step process and more difficult. The designers must be adapted to use the material and functional. A compromise was made to adopt the theories of academic construction, the use of contemporary and traditional values of classical culture.

The construction phase sometimes have to go through the ritual reconstruct the classic technology. Ethnographic works have to rewrite history, collect authentic material are rare and expensive, although sometimes forced to make replication products which means sacrificing the value of originality.

The works beautifully constructed to unite the monumental heritage landscapes such as Borobudur and Prambanan, classic village building, the Ndebele on luxury cars to innovation textile batik technique but applied to the wood material, bamboo and leather.

At the end of the Tinuku editorial team have to choose the best among the best in the list according to five categories to reflect values of innovative and each containing robust content about culture. The following list is presented:


  1. Sanggar Peni presenting bamboo tray decorated batik technique expanding literature on batik artwork
  2. South African artist Esther Mahlangu decorate Ndebele style BMW 7 Series
  3. Purba Art Stone studio use river blondos stone as canvas into magic rock painting art
  4. Tito Sugiarto studio presents glass painting artworks for architectural design lit luxury and give revelation
  5. Castle T-Shirt Painting studio show off art of painting into fashion art works


  1. Lin's Craft studio using batik and painting techniques applied to leather bag as decoupage artworks
  2. Kurnia Lurik presents authentic handmade Lurik cloth work directly from ancestral heritage
  3. Rumah Tenunkoe bring East Nusa Tenggara weaving tradition into stylish ethnic fashion collection
  4. JFW 2017, Anne Avantie brings Bali songket exotic in Kebaya fashion collection Jangi Jareng
  5. Manggar Natural studio design luxury handbag using rattan to expose passive texture and spontaneous decopage


  1. Pinisi sailing boat El Aleph Luxury Yacht beautiful architectural works craftsmen as boutique hotel explorers
  2. Tegel Kunci floor tile plant luxury heritage classic design handmade tiles early 20th century
  3. Ghost soldiers installation art works by Agustinus 'Jompet' Kuswidananto present at SongEun ArtSpace
  4. Wooden masks Bobung village Gunung Kidul embracing classical traditions Panji Mask Dance performance
  5. Cumplung Aji craft studio talking masterpiece bowls and chopsticks made coconut shells, bamboo and rattan


  1. Sumberwatu Heritage Resort in cultural and natural concept to Prambanan temple and Mount Merapi unitary landscapes
  2. d'Omah Hotel Yogyakarta designing layout, architecture and interior ethnographic genuine Javanese literature
  3. Airmas Asri apply Balinese carvings and paintings facade GRC material Ananta Legian Hotel
  4. Kampoeng Jelok Resort applying nature concept in rice fields, river, rustic architecture and culinary countryside
  5. Inessya Resort designing coastal topography hilly landscape Gunung Kidul expose Indian Ocean more dramatic


  1. Wiyanta craftsmen build luxury classic car made teak wood and engined Toyota Kijang 1990s
  2. Colas inaugurated asphalt solar panels Wattway in Normandy, France, as a space-saving power plant
  3. Lucid Air electric car by Lucid Motors luxury design, high tech, 1000 horsepower and 400 miles range
  4. GyroCycle motorcycle self-balancing gyroscope tech by Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC ready market 2017
  5. Chinese electric car startup showcased NextEV NIO EP9 as the world's fastest electric powered supercar


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