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NASA inspired origami to build rover Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot Explorer (PUFFER) durable and folded

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Tinuku ~ NASA team inspired by origami to design robotic rover Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot Explorer (PUFFER) ready to sent to surface of rough world and can adapt in any conditions. A two-wheeled rover can help the space program to reach out rough spots on the surface of Mars and other places in the hallways to take samples of molecules that can not be reached by conventional vehicles.

The PUFFER robot inspired by the art of origami paper as a circuit board to incorporate electronic components. Sunlight-powered vehicles, the size of a smartphone has two wheels and can be folded to save space and stacked for easy transport logistics before it spread to an area.

"The circuit board includes both the electronics and the body, which allows it to be a lot more compact. There are no mounting fasteners or other parts to deal with. Everything is integrated to begin with," said Christine Fuller of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena.

Compact configuration to move forward and crawled into narrow spaces or plunge into hole. Small robot can move forward using only one wheel without slipping, a tail function for extra stability and the robot can be flipped so solar panels can receive sunlight to recharge the electric power. Puffer can travel 625 meters on each electric charge.

A micro lens makes it possible to see objects as small as 10 microns and the team wants to add the ability for scientific purposes such as a spectrometer to analyze the chemical fingerprint or technology to process water samples to find organic material.

"They can do parallel science with a rover, so you can Increase the amount you're doing in a day. We can see Reviews These being used in hard-to-reach locations, squeezing under ledges, for example," said Jaakko Karras, PUFFER's project manager.

Tinuku NASA inspired origami to build rover Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot Explorer (PUFFER) durable and folded

Robot still open for further development in the future are autonomous capabilities, more powerful and carry out an exploratory mission to planet or space rocks. NASA team has tested the robot's capabilities in active volcano Mount Erebus in Antarctica if one day be sent to ice moons orbiting planets in outer solar system.


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