AeroMobil 3.0 flying car has officially hit market this year

Tinuku ~ AeroMobil inaugurate AeroMobil 3.0 as the first commercial flying car and is available to pre-order this year in Top Marques Monaco supercar event on 20 April. A car is really the best winged and four-wheeled car that is fully functional and supported by an integrated hybrid propulsion to give the perfect experience on a future trip.

Tinuku AeroMobil 3.0 flying car has officially hit market this year

AeroMobil, a startup from Slovakia, designed the sleek sports cars and luxury when sliding on the ground, but ready to take off and the wings will emerge out of the side, exposing the tail and propeller. Version 3.0 was first announced in 2014 using a common gasoline and reach speeds of up to 124 miles per hour.

Aeromobil said the vehicle implementing the regulatory framework cars and airplanes simultaneously, but the flying car is much more practical as the latest technology. This year Airbus is also introduce the concept of land-air transport as autonomously flying taxi and Uber also has an idea for a flying car.

"AeroMobil aims to private transport much more efficient and environmentally friendly, faster door to door for medium-distance trips and in areas with limited road infrastructure or missing," said AeroMobil.

The Company was founded in 1990 in the long process of refinement prototype flying car, but version 3.0 really comes to real life as the first commercial flying car to hit the market this year and the buyer can immediately use in the next eight months. The company offers users the choice of the perfect transport whether by road or sky. Tinuku AeroMobil 3.0 flying car has officially hit market this year

Investors gave US$3.2 million further strengthens the spirit perfecting every generation flying car with hundreds of improvements to the design and engineering technology next year. Exclusive vehicle combines the functionality aero and cars opened a new era coming more rapidly in the transport efficiency.