Samsung Electronics Indonesia launched 1500 solar lanterns to Papua

Tinuku ~ Samsung Electronics Indonesia launched the "1500 Light to Lanny Jaya, Papua" as a solar lantern donation program for people who do not have electricity. Samsung's corporate social responsibility in form of helix lamp are environmentally friendly and easy to use just produced to public in Lanny Jaya Regency.

Tinuku Samsung Electronics Indonesia launched 1500 solar lantern to Papua

Samsung Electronics Indonesia inaugurated the donation of 1,500 solar-powered lantern-shaped box for society at Lanny Jaya regency in Papua, Indonesia, in support of Earth Day 2017 which is celebrate annually on 22 April.

"Lanny Jaya in Papua who have not had access to electricity, they just live by campfire at night," said Kanghyun Lee, Vice President of Corporate Business and Corporate Affairs of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, in Jakarta, Monday, April 17, 2017.

Samsung convey a commitment to the people of Papua, especially Lanny Jaya to give the 1500 lantern with solar power. Box-shaped lantern glowing without the need for electricity, easy to use and without complicated maintenance.

Lanny Jaya is the only one in the world to get its Corporate Social Responsibility program in the form of solar helix of Samsung. The helix lamps are not sold in the market and Samsung is giving special for Lanny Jaya Regency.

The lantern can be folded up and easily stored, can be hung or carried while walking and supports mobility at night. Lighting equipment was created to support productivity at night and interaction among family members better quality.

"We are very happy, lantern solar power is very appropriate to the needs of society in Lanny Jaya. Solar lanterns allow children to do school work at night and female residents producing woven fabric more every day," said Sendius Wonda, Lanny Jaya Regent.

Solar lanterns were distributed to the areas most in need of lighting equipment is districts of Malagaineri, Mokoni, Bokon and Pirime. Samsung also plans to distribute lanterns to Indawa and Wiringgambut who have not had access to electricity and lighting.

Each lantern exposed in direct sunlight for ten hours to get the full energy and provide light for twelve hours. Each lenter get three modes of illumination was bright, very bright and flashing to fit the user's needs.

"I'm really thrilled, because in Indonesia are not all the same and my first time to Lanny Jaya and here people are very severe power shortages and school children are difficult to study at night," said Lee.

"Therefore, Samsung assist lamp for them, so we hope that these children can learn well and parents can also do activities at night," said Lee.