AUDI E-Tron Sportback concept hit market 2019 as beginning electric brand

Tinuku ~ AUDI e-Tron sportback is an electric coupe crossover, a new SUV coupe electric concept announced at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. Four-door vehicle with a similar body design of the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe uses 320-kW electric powertrain that has the ability to fill up to 370kW.

Tinuku AUDI E-Tron Sportback concept hit market 2019 as beginning electric brand

AUDI presents the E-Tron as a concept car to reach 310 miles in variety of electric mode and works to accelerate from 0-62 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. e-Tron Sportback uses one motor at the front and dual motor setup at the rear. The design looks like AUDI A7 with large fender but the roofline is sleek and the 23-inch wheels.

"Audi e-tron will be started in 2018 as an electric car for everyday use. In 2019 production coming e-Tron Sportback coupé version," said Rupert Stadler, AUDI AG leader.

Versatile vehicle apply sportback four-door concept combines the classic style typical of German cars and a number of innovative details are electrifying architecture and the adjustment is consistent with the new technology and electric drive package.

AUDI e-Tron become an important brand for the future premium manufacturers for electric mobility. Matrix LED lighting technology displays digitally controlled light to produce a powerful light. Small digital projectors really make some light onto the road and as a dynamic communication interaction with the environment.

Lithium-ion battery positioned between the axles under the passenger compartment to provide a low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution, providing exceptional driving dynamics and driving safety. The battery be charged by system combined with dual connections for AC and DC.

Small camera replaces the conventional exterior mirrors and to offer other benefits besides improving the airflow and reduce wind noise. Blind spot almost entirely eliminated, while the camera image is shown separately in doors. German car show more concrete technology.

The interior dominated by bright colors as combination of functional clarity and control reductive. The touch-sensitive screen expansive under the center of screen, center console and door trim to provide information and interact with on-board systems. Horizontal surface dashboard and center console conveys a sense of perspective is open for passengers on four individual seats.