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Bosch, Baidu, AutoNavi and NavInfo develop autonomous cars in China

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Tinuku ~ Four major companies have agreed to develop autonomous vehicles in China. Leading service and technology company Robert Bosch GmbH, China's Internet giant Baidu, map provider AutoNavi and NavInfo has signed a scheme to develop autonomous cars in China.

Tinuku Bosch, Baidu, AutoNavi and NavInfo develop autonomous cars in China

The four companies are Bosch, Baidu, AutoNavi and NavInfo will work on a solution to use information collected by Bosch's video and radar sensors on vehicles to generate and update maps.

"Autonomous vehicles do not work without high-accurate maps, not just in China or anywhere else in the world," said Rolf Bulander, council member of management Robert Bosch GmbH in a written statement Monday 24 April 2017.

Automated cars will use data collected by Bosch sensors to determine location. The data will be compatible with all three data generated by Baidu, AutoNavi and NavInfo. The collaboration has also set up a test vehicle on the Jeep Cherokee on Chinese freeway.

The test car has been equipped with various components from Bosch are five mid-section radar and a multi-purpose camera to map the environment, ESP braking control system and electronic power steering.

"Automatic driving has become a global topic for Bosch. Along with China, we are starting our fourth location test in addition to Germany, the United States and Japan," said Bulander.

China as the world's largest auto market and more than 28 million vehicles produced annually become an important sales market for autonomous driving technology. Chinese consumers have been very open to new technologies.

A survey showed 74 percent of Chinese support the realization of autonomous driving in their country. By comparison, Germans account for only 33 percent of the total surveyed, while in the United States only 31 percent.


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