Ghana, Kenya and Malawi get the world's first malaria vaccine

Tinuku ~ Three countries in Africa are vaccinating the world's first malaria. Three countries are Ghana, Kenya and Malawi elected to undertake the world's first mass malaria vaccination program with at least 750,000 children under five getting cocktails for two years starting in 2018.

Tinuku Ghana, Kenya and Malawi get the world's first malaria vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) said vaccinations were conducted after trials showed cocktail efficacy commonly called RTS S to prevent four out of ten cases of malaria. Success has been made in clinics that get regular financing.

The success of the vaccine is not yet clear to apply in the real world with limited access to health services. Ghana, Kenya and Malawi were selected to measure whether full-scale malaria vaccination could be done. During the program will continue to be monitored the effectiveness of new vaccine.

"The prospect that we have a malaria vaccine is very encouraging news. Information obtained from this project will help us in expanding vaccinations," said Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti, WHO's regional director for Africa.

Mrs. Moeti said vaccines and other measures implemented in the field could save tens of thousands of people in Africa. Another factor in the selection of the three countries is the wide range of malaria eradication programs where mosquito nets are widely used by residents, but malaria cases are high.

Malaria vaccine is a very important health achievement in the last 30 years. The new vaccine should be given four times, once every month for three months and the last dose given 1.5 years later. The project is financed by Gavi's global immunization partnership, UNITAID, WHO, and GSK pharmaceutical companies.

"Malaria has become a huge burden for many poor countries, killing thousands of people and disrupting the economy," said Seth Berkley, director of Gavi.

Every country is given the freedom to run malaria vaccinations, but priority will be given to countries with high case rates. Malaria transmitted through mosquito bites has killed 429,000 people each year with a case rate of 212 million. Most of the victims were children in the African region.