Sipindo app Android-based for farmers launched by Ewindo and Prisma

Tinuku ~ Sipindo application presents various benefits to horticulture farmers. The vegetable seed company PT East West Seed Indonesia (Ewindo) in collaboration with non-profit Promoting Rural Income through Support for Markets in Agriculture (Prisma) launched the Sistem Aplikasi Petani Indonesia aka Sipindo.

Tinuku Sipindo app Android-based for farmers launched by Ewindo and Prisma

Sipindo's Android-based application was introduced to facilitate information and support access the advancement of agricultural sector. The launch on Thursday April 27, 2017 as an important milestone to unite the three important elements of the future agricultural industry is the management of crops, farmers and Internet.

"We are proud to launch Sipindo application to facilitate the stakeholders in horticulture farming sector, especially the farmers. Application for 1,000 farmers and expected 10,000 farmers by 2020," said Glenn Pardede, Managing Director of Ewindo.

"The launch of the application has also become a manifestation of our slogan and experience of more than 25 years on the development of horticultural seed business as the best friend for farmers," said Pardede.

Currently farmers in Indonesia are experiencing various barriers in developing businesses such as pests and diseases, climate change, difficult access to markets, price fluctuations and low diversification of crops.

Sipindo presents features in realtime and accurate. Farmers directly access the information needed on farmers' profiles in other regions, prices, commodity demand on the market trends. Farmers can know the level of soil fertility to be more efficient in using fertilizer.

Another important feature is the procedures for handling plant pests and diseases, planting patterns and crops, estimation of harvest time and estimates of production quantities, climate and weather forecasts, buying and selling forums of direct crops with buyers.

"In its development, we synergize with stakeholders are government, private and non-profit organizations that share a common vision to support the advancement of the agricultural industry," said Pardede.

Data from the Indonesian Agricultural Economics Association (Perhepi) states the percentage of horticultural agribusiness growth, especially vegetables in Indonesia is estimated at 4.7 percent to 16.1 percent or US$8.5 billion in 2017-2018.

The main factor of growth is the increase of urban society which currently has reached 56 percent of total population, the growth of people's income and the increase of lifestyle awareness to promote the importance of vegetables and fruits for health.

Farmers must meet demand by increasing the productivity and quality of their crops in accordance with market demand in a sustainable and closer to the market by selling directly to consumers.

"This application becomes one of the solutions for farmers to gain easy access to agricultural information for productivity and quality improvement that leads to improving the welfare of farmers," said Pardede.