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NASA designed 3D-printed fabrics for extreme tasks to another world

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Tinuku ~ NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has designed a futuristic type of fabric built for space travel and can be used on the ISS or on Mars. A fibrous metal cube fabric wrapped in a chain system has an extreme capability as a spacecraft or astrononot shoe during a visit to the European ice moon.

Tinuku NASA designed 3D-printed fabrics for extreme tasks to another world

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has worked on several ambitious projects, including silicon dioxide wafers and ceramic composites. Now the researchers have debuted a new type of metallic fabric engineering for which has applications in space and in other worlds.

The new metal fabric is a flexible hybrid of chain fiber and protector in a unique character. NASA officials say the new fabric has four important functions: reflectivity, passive heat management, folding ability and tensile strength. Three-dimensional chain fibers have light weight and high flexibility.

Metal materials can be folded and retain the ability to change shape easily. New engineering directly into the future of textiles with 4D printed 'space fabric' using metallic materials to protect astronauts and spacecraft during missions in extreme places.

"We call the 4D print because we can print the geometry and function of these materials. If 20th century manufacturing is driven by mass production, then this is a functional mass production," said Raul Polit Casillas who led the project. NASA designed 3D-printed fabrics for extreme tasks to another world

The structure provides great tensile properties to stretch and shrink back easily. High-tech fabric sheets are suitable for wrapping spacecraft or as protective clothing for astronauts for outer space travel.

Materials can be used to keep the cruiser engine warm while exploring cold locations like the Europa ice moon in Jupiter's orbit or Saturn. The fabric surface also allows astronauts to reflect emissions while traveling out of the plane.


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