SpaceX launches NROL-76 satellite using Falcon 9 rocket in secret mission

Tinuku ~ SpaceX launches US military satellites Sunday morning. This weekend SpaceX space company is scheduled to conduct the first national security mission for the US military by sending NROL-76 as a spy satellite into orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office using Falcon 9 rocket.

Tinuku SpaceX launches NROL-76 satellite using Falcon 9 rocket in secret mission

SpaceX conducted a military mission to orbit the NROL-76 satellite is a secret device using the Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday morning from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A secret mission not widely known by the public.

SpaceX will also try to land the first phase of Falcon 9 in the 14-level core section of the rocket containing the main engine and most of the fuel on a solid base on the Cape. A fourth attempt for SpaceX to land Falcon 9 at the company's Florida landing site.

The launch of the NRO is a secret mission and in its history is little known to the public about the final destination of the satellite or what investigations it will take upon reaching orbit. The US government only gives a little bit of broadcast about the real purpose of the NRO mission.

The launch of Sunday morning was a historic launch for SpaceX and a few weeks ago the company had flown a satellite into orbit for the Luxembourg-based SES company. One of the propulsive Falcon 9 landed for the first time. SpaceX also runs the first stage for unmanned ships in the Atlantic Ocean.

The launch of the NRO is a unique work that marks one of the few NRO missions in the last decade that has never been done by the United Launch Alliance (ULA), a Boeing and Lockheed Martin partnership that has a monopoly in military launches over the last decade.

SpaceX received certification in 2015 to launch military satellites after going through a two year review by the US Air Force. The project was built to create competition among military launch providers as a move that could potentially lower the cost of government missions.

Upon receipt of the certification, SpaceX has won two contracts from the Air Force that have been filed in an open bid for several space technology companies.