COMAC C919 made in China soon shake dominance of Boeing and Airbus

Tinuku ~ Chinese-made passenger jet airliners get first-flying license. Jetliner C919 is China's first large passenger jet aircraft assembled by Comercial Aircraft Corporation of China aka COMAC has gained approval from China's aviation authority and made its first debut.

Tinuku COMAC C919 made in China soon shake dominance of Boeing and Airbus

COMAC C919 obtained its inaugural flight permit on April 22, 2017 and is valid until May 31, 2017. Initial flight licenses are obtained from aviation authorities in China as C919 has successfully undergone a high-speed taxiing test.

The high-speed taxiing test is running the aircraft on the runway at high speed, but not taking off. The front wheel of the C919 is only momentarily lifted, then again lowered. The test was conducted at Shanghai Pudong International Airport where the production and assembling facility of COMAC was established.

"Until now, all the testing required for the inaugural flight was a success," said Wu Guanghui, Chief Designer of COMAC C919.

Tests have been conducted since December 2016 in a series of 14 sessions and spent a total of 35 hours of testing time. All previous ground tests have also been declared successful as a definite step to shake the dominance of Boeing and Airbus.

The C919 is China's first passenger jet to rival the duo of Boeing B737 and Airbus A320. The narrowbody aircraft is designed to carry 158 to 174 passengers using two engines supplied by the CFM manufacturer with the LEAP -1C engine series. COMAC C919 made in China soon shake dominance of Boeing and Airbus

COMAC C919 was first introduced in 2008 and the first roll-out of the plant in November 2015. Initial flights originally scheduled for June 2014 and first shipments to Chengdu Airlines' customer launch in 2016. But various obstacles led to a delayed schedule.

Currently COMAC C919 has gained 570 firm orders and orders commitment from 23 clients. Most of the clients are Chinese airlines backed by government or Chinese state-owned companies. The C919 Series to meet one-third the need for single aisle aircraft in China and become the world's top five jet manufacturer by 2030.