ProgressTech builds KaryaOne applications for Cloud-based HR management

Tinuku ~ ProgressTech based in Jakarta presents KaryaOne service for employee absences management via cloud. The cloud-based Human Resource Information System application is designed to help users manage absences, leave, permits and payroll more efficiently and accountably.

Tinuku ProgressTech builds KaryaOne applications for Cloud-based HR management

Startup ProgressTech builds services for as a cloud-based Human Resource Information System application. Services help in the management of human resource systems and enable a lot of data to build a variety of employment metrics.

"The KaryaOne application model is useful for as many companies as possible, from small entrepreneurs to corporations. The HR administration needs to get to work on settling the payroll by the cut off date, "said Protus Tanuhandaru, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of KaryaOne.

KaryaOne has various features, among which are integrated with various kinds of attendance machines and allows data to be directly sent automatically through the application. Smart software is also armed with features are shift management, approval and rejection leave.

Applications make it easy for users, useful in saving time and money, increasing the company's effectiveness and productivity. These cost savings are presented in the elimination of the need for paper forms commonly used in HR administration.

KaryaOne also provides a number of security features including SSL, encryption and decryption process and various kinds of protection against cyber attacks. The KaryaOne application is intended for users in the field of small businesses, medium businesses and corporations.