Bustiket.com offers digital ticket booking for bus operators

Tinuku ~ Bustiket.com offers digital solutions for bus operators. A startup fills an empty niche in online application in the transport sector that has long been applied to airplane, train, taxi and motorcycle taxis. Bustiket comes to serve bus ticket booking online is a new system.

Tinuku Bustiket.com offers digital ticket booking for bus operators

Land transportation services utilize the growing technology, both taxi and motorcycle taxi. Utilization of this technology is also applied in booking airline tickets and trains. But, Bustiket came for this type of bus transportation that has been considered slow to transform.

"Bustiket.com becomes a bus ticket booking provider through websites and apps for Android smartphones, ordering bus tickets becomes easier with consistent pricing," said Theo Rusli, Founder & CEO Bustiket.

"In Indonesia more than 1000 bus operators and they have started to think that their system has lagging behind technology, here we present as a solution," said Rusli.

Bustiket provides an Inter-Provincial City Inter-City (AKDP) and Inter-Provincial (AKAP) ticketing service that has been in place since early 2015. Theo says bus users are loyal customers, when they have matched with one particular bus operator, they are difficult to switch to another.

"Smartphones are getting more affordable and people are getting more familiar with apps, people are asking why buses are not there yet and bus terminals are not online yet," said Rusli.

"To date, 70 bus operators have joined and our target is 20 percent of bus operators by the end of 2018, about 200 bus operators, the top 20 bus operators cover 70 percent of the market," Rusli said.

The parallel system allows bus operators to run conventional ticket sales, while Bustiket develops online sales and remains vigorous to socialize to bus operator officers and users. Theo implements a commission system for every bus ticket booked with a range of 5 percent to 10 percent per ticket.

"The commission system depends on the agreement with the operators because each has a different policy," said Rusli.