StoreDot announced battery charging technology just five minutes

Tinuku ~ StoreDot Ltd claims to have created a nanotechnology based battery only takes five minutes. An Israeli-based startup says fast charging technology is ready for mass production by early next year. The new device is perfectly used for electric car and smartphones batteries.

Tinuku StoreDot announced battery charging technology just five minutes

StoreDot Ltd claims a nanotechnology-based battery fills in electricity at speed as a revolutionary step in battery charging. The new device allows electric cars to charge the battery just as fast as refueling the traditional car.

While most smartphone manufacturers including Samsung already offer some form of charging smart, but they are still far to offer full power in quick time. The demands of the current users are more on the speed than the others.

Samsung Quick Charge 4 takes five minutes, but for just five hours of use. Charging the electric car battery is much longer, even with the fastest charging system takes more than two hours to get full power. Superfarger Tesla offers the use of 170 miles in 30 minutes.

There is no official data on this new battery product, StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf said it has explored several strategic partner options to boost production in Asia and will be mass produced as soon as possible.

"We are exploring several strategic partner options to help us improve the production process in Asia and achieve mass production as soon as possible," Myersdorf said.