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Viar Q1 electric scooter has officially hit market

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Tinuku ~ Triangle Motorindo as a manufacturer of the Viar Motor brand in cooperation with service and technology supplying company Bosch and Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta has officially set up electric motor Viar Q1 hit market June 7, 2017. Electric scooter is latest effort for efficient, cheap and pollution-free transportation.

Tinuku Viar Q1 electric scooter has officially hit market

The motorcycle maker based in Semarang, Indonesia, will inaugurate the launch to the Viar Q1 electric motorcycle market in coming weeks. The presence of electric motorcycles as the company's efforts to tackle the problem of global warming and fill new lifestyle trends.

"This electric motorcycle as a form of our support for transportation without air pollution, sound and without using fossil fuels, Viar is a pioneer for electric motorcycles in Asia," said Deden Gunawan, Corporate Manager of Triangle Motorindo, Monday, May 15, 2017.

The Viar Q1 electric scooter is the company's newest strategy for the users lifestyle who want easy, efficient, pollution-free, minimal maintenance and low operational costs.Viar Motor collaborates with Bosch and Gadjah Mada University as a commitment to create clean and healthy lives technology.

"Collaboration with Triangle Motorindo is proof we are serious in transportation solutions to meet the needs of today's society," said Amine Kamel, Director of Automotive Electronics Bosch South East Asia.

Viar Q1 was first announced in 2016, then internal research and testing takes a year. In early 2017 electric scooters obtained the legality of the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Industry to hit the market. Viar Q1 electric scooter has officially hit market

The design has a futuristic concept that translates as rounded corners, stop and go buttons, full digital speedometer, headlamp and LED stoplamp. Viar Q1 will compete with Gesits startup which is also scheduled to hit the market this year.

Triangle Motorindo was established in 2000 to build various types of motorcycles Viar brand is sport, adventure, touring, ATV and commercial use. Production capacity of 1000 units per day as one of the largest automotive factories in Southeast Asia.


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