GDP Venture and in serious talks

Tinuku ~ GDP Venture and are in serious talks and are expected for acquisitions. Online travel agent company Tiket is reportedly undergoing a serious negotiation with a GDP Venture finance company to conduct a strategic corporate policy, but all is still unclear.

Tinuku GDP Venture and in serious talks

Till now the Founder and CEO of Tiket Mikhael Gaery Undarsa refused to comment more on the talks between the two companies. But Undarsa acknowledges "it is now in the process of engagement with GDP". So even the GDP Venture also has not commented.

The talks between the two companies are estimated to be an acquisition plan. Since it was first established in 2011, Tiket is one of the startups that do not do much fundraising. So far, funding came from one angel investor and they have never opened a new stage investment.

Undarsa several times said that Tiket is a startup built from the beginning positioned itself to become a public company or sell shares to the public. Undarsa continues to prepare and build a neat management and work culture.

Tiket is a website that provides hotel booking services, airline tickets, train tickets, car rentals and others founded by Wenas Agusetiawan, Dimas Surya Yaputra, Natali Ardianto, Mikhael Gaery Undarsa in August 2011.

GDP Venture is a business unit of Djarum Group for the field of Internet business in. Under the management of CEO Martin Hartono. GDP holds a major share of and a number of startups in Indonesia. They have just invested in the Sea as one of the most valuable startups in Southeast Asia.