Halodoc and GoJek run Go-Med for medical drugs delivery

Tinuku ~ Halodoc and GoJek collaborate to run Go-Med for medical services. Halodoc collaborated with Go-Jek to build cooperation to meet the public medical needs, the service is provided in the form orders of medical drugs delivered quickly to the user directly.

Tinuku Halodoc and GoJek run Go-Med for medical drugs delivery

Halodoc.com and Go-Jek.com built Go-Med services to support delivery service of existing medical needs in GoJek applications. Monica Oudang as Chief of Human Resources GoJek said a new commitment to provide solutions to everyday problems by customers.

"GoJek and Halodoc collaboration seeks customers to find medical needs quickly and easily," Oudang said in a statement on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Users just click the Go-Med service in the GoJek app, then it will be automatically redirected to the pharmacy delivery service in the Halodoc app. Go-Med will connect customers with trusted pharmacies within the Halodoc network

Customers will get the medical needs prepared professionally and in accordance with applicable health standards. Each order automatically goes to the system to the nearest official pharmacy listed on the Halodoc platform.

"We have an accredited SIA and SIPA pharmacy, Halodoc wants to make sure customers get good medical products and pharmacists advise customers on how to use the drugs they ordered," said Jonathan Sudharta, Founder and CEO of Halodoc.

"Users do not need to change applications to get a complete healthcare solution. Contact doctor services include 19,000 doctors and Pharmacy deliveries covering 1000 pharmacy stores," said Jonathan.

"Users are discussing with specialist children up to heart specialists via chat, voice call and video call. We give the user the option to discuss the most comfortable and get the right medicine directly to home," said Jonathan.

Gojek is a motorcycle taxi service startup and delivery of goods, while Halodoc is a health-based startup that integrates contact doctor. The Go-Med app is built for easy, convenient and reliable pharmacy delivery services.

"The services of Halodoc and GoJek help the public to obtain medical needs easily and safely, as well as to help pharmacies expand the market," said Daradjatun Sanusi, Executive Director of GP Pharmaceutical and Honorary Council of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI).