Google launches Gmail smart reply feature

Tinuku ~ Gmail inaugurates auto email replies feature. When hit by busyness and mobility, you can easily check e-mail. But to reply to messages requires more energy and time. Now Google has created a "smart reply" feature to automatically reply messages based on user habits.

Tinuku Google launches Gmail smart reply feature

How smart reply works is to provide three options that are considered appropriate answers to respond to a message next door. Users only select one of several options by clicking without typing a word or phrase.

"We first released smart reply in Allo and will be available in Gmail for Android and iOS," said Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, on stage Google I/O 2017 at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, USA.

Smart reply is one of the implementation of machine learning on Google products to facilitate the lifestyle of modern society. For those of you who often have to reply to email shaped templates like "thank you", "ok" and the like, then smart reply becomes very relevant.

Gmail users in the United States will be the first users to try out new features. The next few weeks, this feature will appear in Spain and then slowly to the world. Google wants machine learning useful for all circles.

Some other important things announced in the Google I/O event are the Android O operating system, Android Go, Google Lens release, Google Photos updates, Assistant and Home.