India builds ten new heavy water reactors

Tinuku ~ India builds ten new heavy water nuclear reactors. India on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 announced it will develop 10 domestically made heavy-water reactors to increase their nuclear power capacity as one of their efforts to meet the surge in electricity demand and increase clean energy production.

Tinuku India builds ten new heavy water reactors

The federal cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved plans to build the pressurized hard water reactor with a combined 7,000 MegaWatt (MW) capacity or more than twice the current Indian atomic energy production of 6,780 MW.

"Capacity of 7,000 MW will be added. It will help produce clean energy," Energy Minister Piyush Goyal told a news conference.

The government says the plan of the nuclear unit will generate a 700 billion rupee business and create more than 33,000 jobs. However, they do not specify where the business unit will be built or how long it will take until the reactor will operate.

The domestically-made reactors will be built under an ambitious "Made in India" initiative in which the government will increase India's nuclear production capability. India currently operates seven nuclear plants, almost all made in Russia and the United States.

India is the world's third largest power producer and consumer with a total installed capacity of 329 GigaWatt and 67 percent of which comes from non-renewable energy such as coal.

The country also launched new targets to boost the generation of renewable energy sources including adding 100,000 MegaWatt solar power by 2022.