Bumi Langit Comics launches classic superhero into digital world

Tinuku ~ PT Bumi Langit Komik launches free digital comics series on social media. The comic publishing company uses the Bumilangit.com site and hopes to expand its market coverage with digital expansion to launch the classic superhero series over the last 60 years that can be accessed for free on social media.

Tinuku Bumi Langit Comics launches classic superhero into digital world

Bumi Langit has penetrated the digital world for the first time by presenting the series The Blind from the Ghost Cave. The series of classic superhero characters to target millennial generations who have abandoned the lifestyle of reading traditional books into digital books.

"The coming of character to the digital world is expected to cure the longing of comic fans in the midst of new superhero characters," said Andi Wijaya, Director of Bumi Langit Komik.

The company hopes free access will popularize the old warrior character and eventually get positive feedback to establish cooperation with other parties such as the making of the film from the local swordsman or other forms of cooperation such as the manufacture of merchandise.

However, Wijaya did not specify the expected business target of the business expansion including the business target of the company. Bumi Langit has so far produced many comics, at least this company has sold two million copies and has been read by more than ten million people.

Tinuku.com Bumi Langit Comics launches classic superhero into digital world

The company is a family for many of the early-generation creators of today's artists, as well as for the loyal fans who always appreciate the works of artists. More than 500 comic characters have been published for the past 60 years.

The leading characters included are Gundala, Indonesia's most famous superhero created in 1954. Bumi Langit's main line of business is comic publishing, film production and television series, merchandise and licensing.