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Tinuku ~ The booming startup of agriculture and health dominates the place in Indonesia for the year 2017. Plug And Play Indonesia based in Silicon Valley, USA, as a startup accelerator says startup in agriculture and health is becoming a major trend in 2017 and has enormous potential.

Tinuku connects direct buyers and vegetable farmers

Pilot companies come rooted from the needs of society and trends. In previous years enlivened fintech and e-commerce startups have dominated the trend in Indonesia, but Plug And Play Indonesia predicts the field of agriculture and health will dominate the trend for 2017.

"This year there will be health tech and agriculture tech," said Wesley Harjono, President Director of Plug and Play Indonesia in Jakarta, in a statement.

But Harjono said the e-commerce startup remains a concern as it plays an important role in shoring up the digital economy in Indonesia. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Indonesia are very large and are unlikely to disappear.

Plug And Play Indonesia recruited one of the startups of the 11 startups selected for the accelerated program it drafted from the agricultural sector and selected as a platform provider to connect consumers with farmers.

Sayurbox will elegantly cut the distribution channels of horticultural logistics into more efficient. Consumers who buy fresh vegetables through Sayurbox will connect directly with farmers without the need for traders' role.

"We want to eliminate bulkheads in a rambling supply chain process, and farmers have experienced difficulties, especially the cost issue when they have to sell products to distributors," said Metha Trisnawati, founder of Sayurbox.

To this day Sayurbox has worked with 22 individual farmers and farmer groups. The agricultural and plantation sectors in Indonesia have a very large capitalization and have not developed much technology through startup.

"We want to continue to recruit more farmers and we already have sourcing teams that want to find them," Trisnawati said.

Currently Sayurbox only has a platform via the website and how to order is also easy. Buyers only need to choose the type of vegetable they want. Sayurbox will tell the vegetable farmers about the types of vegetables to be harvested and shipped.

"The pre-order system, once harvested will be sent to the Sayurbox hub, we do this so that the farmers maximize the harvest, the delivery system is also on-time on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday," said Trisnawati.


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