Google launches Google Payment API

Tinuku ~ Google prepares Google Payment API. The long-established Google payments system is Google Wallet, Android Pay, and now the most recent service is the Google Payment API where users purchase items using app and site-based tools using Google accounts.

Tinuku Google launches Google Payment API

Many consumers store their credit cards on Google accounts to shop on the Google Store or subscribe to YouTube Red. API will allow third parties to charge buyers with Google accounts, while the security and subsequent process will be completed by Google.

Google has actually created a system like that on Google Checkout that has been closed since 2013. Right now, developers can use PayPal Express Checkout to shop and sign in with Google accounts.

The system is also applied to the Assistant to help transactions, no longer with Android Pay. Users only have "send 50 dollars" to Paul Miller and Google Assistant will confirm before sending money, can also use fingerprint when using Android.

The API is not currently available to the public, Google is testing with some of their partners.

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of commands, functions, and protocols that programmers can use when building software for a particular operating system.

API allows programmers to use standard functions to interact with other operating systems