Gesits and Viar Q1 in open war electric motorcycle

Tinuku ~ Gesits electric motorcycle startup is ready to the public in the second semester of this year. Garansindo, the Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) and several related parties are preparing for the Gesits electric scooter to be shown public this year, even though they were lost by Viar Q1.

Tinuku Gesits and Viar Q1 in open war electric motorcycle

Gesits electric scooter manufacturer that has been prepared in a long time has not been launched to the public until now. Gesits electric motorcycles actually lost by the Viar manufacturer with Q1 model that has hit the market a few days ago.

CEO of Garansindo Group, Muhammad Al Abdullah, said Gesits project remains in line with plans and targets. Garansindo has received pre-orders before launch, even the company claimed until the end of last year received pre-orders of up to tens of thousands of units.

"We are launching in the second half of this year, we will be released to the market in 2018, on schedule," said Abdullah.

"Honestly I am happy, I do not want to talk their products are good or bad, but the spirit that brought Gesits has managed to awaken the spirit of other producers," said Abdullah.

Triangle Motorindo as owner of the Viar brand collaborated with Bosch and Gadjah Mada University has officially hit the market with Viar Q1 products. The round design accommodates 10-inch wheels, headlamps systems using LEDs.

Electric scooters are driven up to 90 kilometers and top speed 60 kilometers per hour, while batteries use lithium ion, maintenance free, 60v and fully charged within 5 hours.

While Gesits is equipped with digital devices using the Android OS, carry 50v lithium ion batteries and 40 AH with full charging for 90 minutes to support 100 kilometers of mileage.