Volvo tested autonomous garbage trucks

Tinuku ~ Volvo has tested garbage trucks equipped with autonomous systems. Technology without a driver not only pinned on small cars, large vehicles such as trucks were being tested with autonomous technology and Swedish vehicle manufacturers have been testing for garbage trucks.

Tinuku Volvo tested autonomous garbage trucks

Volvo has designed an autonomous truck that works to transport waste. The manufacturer is working with a waste management company Renova in Sweden. Volvo said the development is done so that truckers can work better.

"The driver does not have to bother going up and down every truck wanting to walk or stop, so it can also cause knee injury or even other injuries," said Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic & Product Safety Director, Volvo Trucks.

Human drivers drive trucks manually to several routes to target. The truck system then gathers information and routes using sensor roles. Later the driver just picks and the truck knows where to walk.

Automated vehicles are expected to contribute more efficiently, safer and create a better working environment for drivers. Trucks can also run backwards automatically through voice commands combined with GPS and LiDAR systems.

The steering wheel, transmission, and speed of the truck are all automatic. Currently the autonomous garbage truck is still in the testing phase until the end of the year and then evaluated.

"Driving heavy commercial vehicles in urban residential areas with narrow streets and susceptible road users naturally applying big safety demands, even when vehicle speeds are below normal speed," Almqvist said.

"We design garbage trucks to keep an eye on the environment and stop immediately if any obstacles suddenly appear on the road. At the same time, automated systems create better prerequisites for drivers to keep on everything that happens near," Almqvist said.