targets US$7.5 million loan disbursement for 2017

Tinuku ~ Uang Teman targets to distribute 100 billion rupiah. Digital Alpha Group is a startup of financial technology in the field of peer to peer lending using the brand continues to expand into various regions in Indonesia to widen the reach of lending business.

Tinuku targets $7.5 million loan disbursement for 2017

Financial technology companies continue to expand in Indonesia. One of them is Digital Alpha Group or usually known as UangTeman, or friend's money in English, hoping to distribute loan to customer up to 100 billion rupiah for year 2017.

The company has been operating in Java and Bali, now reaching Sumatra which started in Bandar Lampung city. Rio Quiserto, Deputy of CEO Uang Teman said the city has high potential demand by the people there to make money loans.

"We have existed in Java, Bali and East Indonesia, now turn to Sumatra especially Lampung," said Rio, Friday, May 19, 2017.

"Based on Google Analitic monthly average of about 1000 people from Bandar Lampung who visit our site, this is the demand and public trust to Uang Teman increased," said Rio.

The company is optimistic the opening of access services in Sumatra to increase the growth of lending to the community. The first quarter of 2017 lending grew 100 percent or about 20 billion rupiah when compared with the first quarter of the previous year.

Significant growth in lending money to the community along with the speed of technology that has been developed. In 2017 predicted public access to apply for loans will be dominated by mobile apps in the Play Store and App Store up to 60 percent, while the rest through the desktop.

"Up to now 6.000 customers of Uang Teman in almost all areas of Indonesia," said Darmawan Zaini, Chief Technology and Product Officer Money Friends.

Zaini said the company will continue to develop its technology to maintain consistency in mitigating the risk of non-performing loans (NPLs) which for the last two years has remained steady below 3 percent.