Apple reportedly tested blood sugar detector

Tinuku ~ Apple is reportedly testing a blood sugar detector without injuring the skin. Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly trying to test a blood sugar level sensor even since a few months ago, according to sources saying the device is planned to be installed on Apple Watch devices.

Tinuku Apple reportedly tested blood sugar detector

Tim Cook is rumored to have tried this device since a few months ago, even though they have not officially announced. Apple CEO also had time to discuss the presence of this device while visiting the University of Glasgow when receiving honoris causa title.

There is no certainty when Apple plans to release this product to the market, but certainly innovation technology offered by Apple is a breakthrough in the field of health services.

Smart devices certainly have the ability to measure blood sugar levels without injuring the skin. Until the day the blood sugar measurement method relies on sensors that are required to penetrate the skin.

Reports on the presence of these detectors were first heard last month. Apple is rumored to have set up a biomechanics team to develop the sensor in an office in Palo Alto.

The engineers have been conducting research on these sensors for five years. In fact, Apple has conducted a feasibility test at a clinical site in the Bay Area. The company also employs a number of consultants who help provide direction on complex health regulations.

Reportedly, this team is led by Johny Srouji as Senior Vice President of Apple Hardware Technology. At least 30 people are working on the team, including biomedical experts from Masimo Corp., Sano, Medtronic, and C8 Medisensors.