Tunaiku.com claims to have 33 thousand customers

Tinuku ~ Tunaiku.com claims to have 33 thousand customers as of the first quarter of 2017 which has increased the number from 30,000 by the end of 2016. The financial technology company or fintech says the loan products provided by each customer are US$150 to US$750 with repayment period 6 to 12 months.

Tinuku Tunaiku claims to have 33 thousand customers

Tunaiku startup as loan provider company presents three products are Tunaiku KTA, Tunaiku Prioritas and Tunaiku Referral. The presence of this fintech is one of many developments and the emergence of financial technology for individuals in Indonesia.

Tunaiku is a major competitor of Uang Teman which was first established in Indonesia. Fintech provides solutions to the needs of the public for financial services is the payment, remittance, get loan, shopping, trading, to invest and others.

Approximately 70 percent of Indonesians do not have bank accounts and unbankable because of low education, no savings, just enough salary for their needs, work in the informal sector, do not meet bank requirements, do not believe in the banking system and limited bank infrastructure.

On the other hand, currently around 330 million smartphone users in Indonesia and 88 million people are active Internet users. The growing number of gadget users is pushing fintech increasingly popular especially in the younger generation who want to access and utilize the banking facilities digitally.

Fintech business growth opportunities are developed in Indonesia today such as savings and loan business for individuals or small entrepreneurs with peer to peer lending or crowdfunding and various mobile payment.