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Roborace autonomous car racing run DevBot test in Paris ePrix

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Tinuku ~ Attempts to create racing performances without racers on the circuit slowly begin to be realized. A motorsport champion nicknamed Roborace using an autonomous car. The DevBot car began testing for the first time in Paris ePrix, though it only drove for testing and has not yet recorded a record of time.

Tinuku Roborace autonomous car racing run DevBot test in Paris ePrix

The DevBot car drove slowly and only crossed one round at Roborace, but the emergence of the car was a big step for the first time considering the crew was still trying to find the best racing pattern for an autonomous car.

"There was a time when the car was walking too close to the safety limit and there were strict security standards, we changed it to make sure it was not too close," said Bryn Balcombe, Chief Technology Officer Roborace, told to

The car has the hardware to various tasks to read data and learn about the environment. The car is powered by a 300 kW electric motor promising a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

Autonomous car capability is supported by more than 5 LiDAR sensors, 2 radars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, 6 cameras and 2 speed sensors. All the hardware is supported Nvidia chip performance.

"We also deployed a number of cars behind DevBot as a safety procedure," Balcombe said.

"We've done a lot of testing before so it's kind of weird when people come in and say 'you've changed the world now' and we feel like doing it a few weeks ago," Balcombe said. Roborace autonomous car racing run DevBot test in Paris ePrix

Roborace promised to bring the race between two autonomos cars in Formula E event in July. For the future organizers will present 20 cars from 10 different teams to really compete.

"We've proved it now," Balcombe said.


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