SolarGaps creates curtain windows to harvest solar energy

Tinuku ~ SolarGaps creates smart curtains to limit sun exposure while generating electricity in the home window. A future home appliance affixed very elegantly to the window glass surface to protect sunlight and privacy while generating solar energy for all household appliances as an easy and inexpensive solution.

SolarGaps creates curtain windows to harvest solar energy

SolarGaps creates a filter embedded in transparent window surfaces to generate household energy for a day and store into the battery as an emergency power source. Window blinds of 10 square meters produce 150Wh of power.

The smart blinds only need an outlet and an internal inverter to start converting solar energy into electricity that can be used by home devices. The power generated can also be stored in a backup battery for later use.

"I spent one day in the fields out of the city studying how the sunflowers followed the sun," Yevgen Erik, founder of SolarGaps, says.

"Then, I carried out research which proved that although solar modules are the cheapest among all other sources of energy, they are the most effective ones," Erik.

The new device is more practical in the use of environmentally friendly and cheaper energy. Users do not have to install solar panels on the roof. This curtain adjusts automatically to the corner of the sun and will always be able to absorb the maximum amount of light.

SolarGaps can be controlled from smartphone apps using Wi-Fi connection. Users can raise or lower, change the angle of the bar, and check the amount of electricity accumulated using just one touch on the smartphone.

The device is equipped with aluminum and fiberglass resistant at temperatures from -40 to 176 Fahrenheit. Installation of electric power windows does not require a professional, plug and play setup design promises convenience.